Diwali in Kerala

Diwali in Kerala

Diwali in Kerala

Diwali is the most popular festival of India celebrated for the lighting and most famous Hinduism festival. On this day all the Hindu family clean and decorate their home and arrange the lightening material like bulb, lamp, candles and put them on the Main gate of the home, wall of the roof and also in patio. Desserts are brought to every house on this day and happiness is celebrated with relatives. Fireworks are also boiled to celebrate happiness in some of the family. Totally this festival shows the strength, unity and culture of India.

While the Kerala is totally God’s own country then the effect of Diwali is more here then the other place. It is said that Lord Rama had returned from his 14 years of exile on this day. So for celebrate happiness this festival was take place. Plan your Kerala honeymoon vacation on such a time when you celebrate India most beautiful festival with Gods own country. This festival is celebrated in the month of October. It is also the biggest shopping time in India. You also able to purchase the many things in Kerala because they have so many artificial things that you use to decorate your home.

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