Thrissur Pooram festival

Thrissur Pooram festival

Thrissur Pooram festival in Kerala

Thrissur Pooram festival is the one of the Kerala most famous festival that celebrated on the large scale in Kerala. This festival is mainly belongs from the Thrissur place where a temple named thrissur temple. It is said that here is Thrissur pooram is the brain child of the raja ram verma and king of the cochin also.

Generally this festival celebrated on the time of May. The point of attraction of the tourist is the festivals shows the culture and tradition of India and also telling about the God. People are very interested to go there with there family. The temple was full of people but you do not trouble for the accommodation. There is so many accommodations near the temple that will help you visit the temple without feeling tired.

This festival is totally based on the drums beats and elephants. All the participants temples are take out their worship material and go to the temple of Thrissur then they celebrate the festival together. Make your Kerala vacations at the time of May to enjoy the same with your family or relatives.

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