Kerala Onam festival

Onam festival in Kerala

Onam festival is the biggest festival of Kerala making on the mass scale in Kerala. It falls during the month of malyali days chingam around august and septemper. It is the ten days celebration long times festivals. Onam games exhibits the bravado of the machos in a terrific manner in Kerala state. Thus there are planty of games that people play on the day of Onam like Onakalikal, Talappanthukali, Kayyankali, Attakalam, Ambeyyal, KutuKutu.

Onam is celebrated by the many of options in which Onam games, Onam dances, Onam attraction, Onam recipes are included. In Onam dance the representative use the very high makeup and dress-up with the lot of expressions. Some of the expressions like angry, sad, happy etc show in the festival. The recipe at the time of Onam festivals is that Avial, idli, dosas, Tomato rasam and so many. Due to the long time of celebration of this festivals you can easily visit and more know about the festival. Just plan your Kerala trip to know more about the Indian culture and festivals.

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