Kerala Adoor Gajamela festival

Kerala Adoor Gajamela festival

Kerala Adoor Gajamela festival is celebrated on the last day of the ten-day long festival in Shri Parthasarthy Temple Adoor. The main attraction of the festival is the spectacle of elephants. To see this scenario, hundreds of people gather in the temple premises, where about 9 indigenous Tuskers parade are held. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna, which is also called Parthasarathi, Arjun’s second name. Arjun is one of the five Pandava princes in the Indian epic Mahabharata.

Adoor gajamala or elephant painter is held in the part of a ten-day festival in Parthasarathy temple in Adoor, in January / February, which is not far from Seren Bakewater of Aleppey. For Gajaraj Gupta, the best and healthful elephants from across the state are against each other (a title that literally means king of elephants). Look at the elephants decorated in glorious ornaments and traditional art forms like Panchavidyamas.

Gajamela is an appropriate conclusion for Kerala festivals that show the best form of racial art forms. Take a flock of Kerala cultural essence with the Indian Festival Tourism. We have prepared special programs for you to be a part of this great event.

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