Attukal Pongala festival

Attukal Pongala festival

Attukal Pongala festival in Kerala

Attukal Pongala festival is  a long time festival of ten days in Kerala. This festival held in the Attukal Bhagavathay temple. Pongala festival is auspicious day of the full moon which coincides with the full moon.

The festival starts with the music rendering of the story of Goddess (Kannaki Charitam) during the “Kappuketu Festival”. The story calls for the presence of Kodungallur Bhagwati and the execution of the Pandyan king. The song will continue for nine days before the ponalka. In the incidents of destruction of the Pandya king, with the sound of the drums of the temple and the “Vaykurava” of the devotees, immediately after the light of the diamond to prepare for the meeting of the Goddess.

This festival organized in the month of March. The Attukal Bhagavathay temple is popular for the sabarimala of the women, is a women with most of the portion enclosed by the devotees. Make the Kerala trip in the month of March to see this festival with your owned eyes. Never forget to take winter clothes, there is winter in the same month.

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