Kerala Vishu festival

Kerala Vishu festival

Vishu festival in Kerala

Vishu festival is the most famous festival of Kerala celebrated in the month April every year. It is the Lord Vishnu festivals depends on the astrological New Year festival. This festival is ends on after whole one day from the time of starting approx 24 hours. Sadhya (feast) is a major part of all Kerala festivals.

However, on the New Year, special dishes like Vishu Kanji, Thoran and Vishnu Katta are more important. Kanji is made of rice, coconut milk and spices. Vishnu Katta is a delicacy made from coconut milk with freshly rice and jaggery powder.

The traditional belief is that, the New Year will be better if one person sees the auspicious things as the first thing of Vishu. Therefore, Malayali Hindu women spend days preparing a set, usually tray, of auspicious things.

Some of the people celebrate this festival by decorate the home, some people make the different dishes while some of the people use the fireworks at the time of night. This is totally Indian based calendar festivals. Make the original New Year by planning Kerala tour packages at the time of starting of april.

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