Theyyam festival

Theyyam festival

Theyyam festival in Kerala

Theyyam festival is one of the most famous festivals of the Kerala. Generally it is held on the time of December but it is not the real time. Its time is December to May anytime it gets celebrated. The main thing of this festival is that, it is totally based on the dressing up and expression of the participants. It is ritual dance worship in Kerala.

Generally it takes two days to complete and celebrated at the time of night in which a man in guise represents Theyyam by performing the divine and heroic characters. The astonished thing is the Theyyam representative use the bigger marks and the heavy makeup that no one seen anywhere. After full of preparation and makeup, they get trouble in identify them.

The tourist love this festival because it shows the culture and the story of India. Also you will get some places in Kerala that makeup you just, like as representative. Plan a visit of Kerala in such a time that makes your day so special with the celebrating the festivals.

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