Kayaking in Kerala
Kayaking in Kerala is playing at the highest level because there is lot of water and tourist like the adventurous too much. There is both of the situation of Kayaking like sometime the Kayaking is plying for the competition and sometime it is played for the tourist purpose.

A kayak is the small watercraft which is used to move in water without swimming. To move forward in the water, there is double-bladed paddle. There is a cockpit in the watercraft in which the peddler is sit. Sometime there is two or more peddlers then the number of cockpit is also increased. Spmetimes cockpit is covered by the spray deck to prevent from entering the water. This whole work is called as Kayaking. In a simple way when a peddler is drive the watercraft with the help of peddles. This water activity is Kayaking. It is different from the canoeing because of their sitting position of peddler and the number of blades in peddles.

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