Tree climbing in Kerala
If you think about the beauty of Kerala then coconut trees are first come in your mind and there is also an adventure related to the coconut tree, that is tree climbing in Kerala. Tree climbing is generally worked on the coconut tree because of their larger length, thicker stem and rough surface. Tourist like this activity because it is the new experience for them.

There is so many types of resources that is used to climbing in which some of the rope, artificial gadgets, and technique. There local people are climbing with the technique and the new tourist person take helps of the artificial machine. This activity is very safe and all the arrangement of safety is done by the assistance. Do not forget one thing that when you reach the height of the tree, you find a gift that gives you an awesome taste of coconut that will not let your hard work go in vain. This adventure creates a special memory in your mind that you will never forget.

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