Paragliding in Kerala
Paragliding is a adventurous activity in which the object will be flying in the flight with the help of Para gliders. An object is anything that we put in the place of pilot. They do not need to control anything, it is automatically move towards with the flight. Generally a pilot seat is hold by a human being. A Para gliders is group of the interconnected baffled cells that is attached with the fabric wings. Paragliding in Kerala is one of the most adventure activity for all age of people.

This adventure is celebrated one of the festival of Kerala. The paragliding is held in season of September to January and then again in March to May. Some of the places held this game in the entire year but only for the learners. The tourist like it so much and they also wants to learn their child about this game. All the management for the security of new comers is available there.

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