Canoeing in Kerala
Canoeing is a water sports adventurous activity that is playing almost the place where lot of water presence. Canoeing in Kerala is very famous because of the most of the area of Kerala is submerged in the water and it is the water activity. Some places in Kerala, it is treated as the games in which the participators are treated on the base of their rank. Some of the places in which the canoeing is very difficult due to the dense of forest. Alleppey backwater is the best location for Canoeing in Kerala, and great way to begin an introduction to Kerala’s backwaters.

Here the games are played with the rules and regulation. The winner is treated and respected by the mission organizer. Also for the tourist that wants self canoeing, there is the opened water option that is free from the entire disturbance in the backwater with the boat that having the roof and chflight to sit. Then they spend some time with learning the canoeing. Assistance is always there for helping them in a critical condition.

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