Mountain Biking in Kerala
Kerala is only the place in India where hill stations and mountains are present in a large number. Due to the numbers of mountain there is many types of adventurous activities are performed in which mountain biking is also included. There is so many tours that you would easily say the types of mountain biking in Kerala. There is different type of biking tours in which single track yours and Pindari tours are most popular. Sometimes there is competition of cycling then the tour is followed coast to coast. The main example of this tour is Chennai to Kochi something 1000 km. This place is also famous for the tourist because they like the adventure during their trip.

Some of the people wants to learn their child this adventure then they also welcome. There is many of places where the mountain biking is specially make for learning the child. In shopping purpose you have varieties of cycle for purchase and if you want for sometime then it is also available for rent.

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