Catamaran Sailing in Kerala
Catamaran sailing in Kerala is the adventurous activity held in the backwaters but some of the most experience persons are also play this game in sea. Actually the reason is that stooped water is much safer from the moving water. This activity is mostly performed in the Kerala due to the Kerala most part is covered with the water. Backwaters and sea both are available their and there beauty is also at the top most level. So tourist love this activity and want to doing the same. Aleppy, Varkala and Kovalam are the top most place where the Catamaran is played.

A Catamaran is a small wooden Yatch that has twin hulls joined together and is traditionally propelled with an oar. Nowadays motorized Catamarans have also been introduced. A catamaran can accommodate a large number of people and is ideal for families or big groups. There is always two perfect man that handle and run the Yatch and helps in the critical condition.

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