Kumbalangi Integrated Tourism Village

Kumbalangi Integrated Tourism Village
The Kumbalangi Integrated Tourism Village is an island-village on the outskirts of Cochin city of Kerala State in South India. Kumbalangy is surrounded by the backwaters. The Chinese fishing net ring is surrounded by Kumbalangy backwater, literally surrounded by the island-walled witness in the aquatic life of the earth. An array of different mangroves with water, giving a breeding ground for waterfalls, crabs, musk and small fish.

There is some of the special food that is favorite of local people as well as the tourist. Tourists sit with the host family and eat the same food they eat. They walk through the village, see fisher people at work, can catch themselves, canoeing and go to the fields, among other things.

If they need help, assistance then they can also contact in village Panchayat. Typical Kerala feast, banana leaf, a splendid spread of rice and more than 14 vegetable dishes, which is topped with ‘Payasam‘, is delicious sweet dessert cooked in milk. While Plain Steamed rice is usually taken with dishes in Sadya (Vegetarian), it is the basic ingredient. Biryanis (in Non vegetarian meals of the Arabic tradition).

You have at least 3 days to visit the whole place with understanding all the nuances. Accommodation is also at a nice place near the destination and filled with all the facility.

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