Attukal waterfalls in Kerala
Parthasarathy temple is one of the popular temples of the Kerala. This place is famous for its rituals and festivals organized. Mostly all of the festival is celebrated in this temple. Instead of a celebration of the festival there are some prayers on all day, which includes Usha Pooja, Ucha Pooja, Atazha Pooja, 3- times safely and deeparadhana is also celebrated.

There are many of the festivals in which the temple is decorated very well with lighting and lamps. This festival is also includes the uses of elephants.

The elephant is also decorated with the shining material like a crown on head, covered with special cloths. The dress code for the people is famous all over Kerala. Men’s dress is MUNDU in which only down waist part of the body is covered, remaining part is opened. While for the women the ritual is says for the saree but Shalwaar Kameez is also allowed. Short dress and skirts are prohibited from entry into the temple.

The temple is beautiful from all the side. The surrounding of the temple is also maintained by the tress, grasslands and pathway of stone are made from main gate to temple entry gate. So, make a family trip to take blessing of God from Parthasarathy temple.

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