Duffmuttu Dance

Duffmuttu Dance

Duffmuttu is the special dance that is dedicated to the Muslim religion and community. Duffmuttu is the alias name of Aravanmuttu. It is traced back to the Arab and the music is also Arabic.

The name Duffmuttu is attributed to uses of the instrument in the performance in which an instrument called duff or tap. Duff is the instrument that is used to produce the rhythm, it is one side covered with hide.

This dance staged is as a social event like festival and nuptial ceremonies. This is the famous event for the Muslim community, but all the people of Kerala go to watch it. You can also take an advantage of this festival when you go to the Kerala.

The dress during the performance is pure white Kurta pajama with White Turban and small green cloths that is wrapped all around the neck. The lead player of the folk is also the lead singer of the performance that sings the song very loudly. The remaining participants only chorus the song. This is so exciting play that gives you different types of stories and play.

Visit the Kerala to feel the play in reality. This play was generally you have seen at the time of festivals and events.

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