Oppana Dance

Oppana Dance

Oppana is the popular dance for the mobile community of Kerala. The mobile community is the Muslim community of the Kerala. This dance is generally performed by the girls and boys both, but mostly the girls are doing more. It is the social entertainment form for the citizen of Kerala. It is also said the youth festival of Kerala because it is interested and performed by the student most.

Oppana is generally held on the day of marriage and the story is also related to the journey of the husband and wife. The total number of the performer is around 15 including all the musicians. Opener is also performed by the male in which they play the role of husband and wife and describe the story of the bride and bridegroom. The main musician of the troupe is singing loudly while others are only chorus with them.

Oppana is only the event that is generally used on a large scale because of the number of marriages. Visit any of the marriage mobile communities, you can easily get the look of the performance in the dance season or marriage season.

Visit these movements when you come to the Kerala. Kerala is a nice place to visit the new things also it is so beautiful.

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