Kaikottikali Dance

Thiruvathirakali dance is the famous folk dance in the Kerala performed at the time of Onam and Thiruvathira. This is the popular dance performed by the women and girls in Kerala. On the day of performance first the women are making Rangoli and decorate the event place then begin programming.

Kaikottikali is the elegant dance that predominates the beauty elements while the Tandava is the male dance in which the dance is shown about destroy of the universe. If we discuss about the dress and makeup, then the dress is totally white with the gold border. It is just like as the saree but to actually the dress is mundane and neriyathu. The mundane is wearing in the part of the lower waist by draping while the neriyathu is worn over the blouse. Also the hflight beautifully ties in the form of a bun and a fragrant jasmine garland that enhance the charm of a dancer.

This dance is most popular due to the dance structure. Generally there are 8-10 women that create shapes by using the hands and body. Sometimes they make a flower while sometimes moves in a circle clockwise and anticlockwise. They move their hand in a special way that looks very beautiful.

South India