Kathakali Dance

Kathakali Dance

Kathakali is one of the most popular dances of Kerala. It is also the most famous forms in a classical Indian dance. Generally, this dance is used at many of the events in Kerala like the time of the festival, marriage ceremony, special events, school programs and many more places.

Kerala has lots of dancing classes where dancers teach the children about the new dance and its step. This dance is a traditional dance so one can always beware for the expression, makeup and costumes.

The expression means that, this dance does not allow the dancer to say something. Infect opening mouth is prohibitive between the dance. All the roles and plays, they have to express to the people with the help of the expression. If we discuss about the costumes, then the dancer wears very special cloths for the dance.

It is a story play with a face mask and colorful makeup. The story of Kathakali is also communicated to the audience by the excellent footwork and impressive gestures of the face and the dancer’s hands are completely complimented with music and vocal performance.

Most of the time performed by the male dancer and it developed in the Hindu religious and performed in a theater or on a stage.

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