Thidambu Nritham

Thidambu Nritham

Thidambu Nritham Kerala dance is the one of the popular ritual forms in various of forms. It is generally performed in the north Malabar and Kasaragod district. Thidambu temple is associated with the annual festivals of the temple. Thidambu denotes the replica of the deity of the temple that is usually taken outside in the occasions like festivals and poojas.

This dance contains members of ten men and Thidambu of the devil is carried on the head. The dancers perform excellent rhythmic footwork with the sound of drums and music. The costumes of the dancers involves a skirt of pleated cloths, a silk vest, earrings, bangles, necklace and a decorated turban called ushnipeetam.

This dance is generally performed by the Kerala Brahmins called by the special name Namboothiris and the dance forms staged in both inside and outside of the temple. Kerala is only the place in India that is having a huge collection of the dances and forms because of the ritual tradition and cultural events. This dance is also a part of them.

So, visit Kerala if you want to see this dance in reality. You are also invited for some more dances and activities held during the festivals and cultural events in Kerala.

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