Margamkali Dance

Margamkali Dance

Margamkali Dance is one of the popular dances of the Kerala dedicated to the Christian religion in Kerala. It is generally the performed in all over Kerala mostly in Kottayam. This dance is performed in many occasion and events mainly in the marriage ceremony. It is also performed by the women in whom a dozen of numbers of people are moving all around the oil lamp. This oil lamp denotes the Christ dancers symbolize his disciples.

The word Margam means the path that means the propagation of Christian religious ideas. It is very ancient and popular artistic performance among the Syrian Christian of Kerala. The dress during the performance is the pure white Dhoti with the red border on the end with the pure white blouse. The blouse was also red bordered. There is also a pure white Chunari over the dress with the gold border.

This dance is generally performed in the Church at the time of the festival and occasion, but sometimes it is seen in the school events in the various competitions. Margamkali is a very old dance, it has been running for many years back. This is not the seasonal dance, you can easily visit it in Kerala.

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