Thullal dance

Thullal dance

Thullal dance is the famous dance of the Kerala. It is the solo performance that combines the dance and stories. The stories are based on the mythology. This dance is also communicating with the gestures and expressions. The dance is also named as the Ottan Thullal dance.

The makeup during this dance is mostly green, yellow and a colorful makeup. Thullal dance is generally performed in the Malayalam language that is easy to understand for the Kerala citizen.

If we talk about the theme of the Thullal dance, then, Bhima character has been portrayed as a naivete from the Mahabharata. High castes including Brahmins have not been spared. In this story Bhima is searching for the Kallyana Sougandhikam, it is a rare flower that does not find so easily and has a long conversation with their older brother, Hanuman. T

he dancers are supported by the two musicians who have stood a little behind them. One of them has maddalam, a drum and cymbals. Both musicians are expected to sing along with the dancer. No stage and any other form of formal arrangements are required in the performance.

Visit Kerala to know more about the dance. You see this dance in mostly all the temples of Kerala.

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