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Gokulam Estates is situated about 40 kilometers from the Guruvayur. This place covers a larger area at Vengad in Malapuram district of Kerala. This is one of the largest dflighty farms in Kerala with 550 cows. This place is popular for the various types of flora and fauna in it. Here you easily saw the dense forest and greenery atmosphere all around you.

The estates also cultivate coconut, cashew, palm and other vegetation and cash crops and feeds for the temple elephants and cattle. This is also known as Vrandavanam estate. These estates are generally created for the serving milk to the nearby areas in starting but now it is becoming the larger dflighty of the place.

The place has all the security for the cows and also it has a regular checkup of cows. This place has now totally become saving place of cow. Here the devotees are properly using the cow by serving them feed and use the milks in nearby areas, this milk also used in the several of the temples.

Tourists love to see this natural place during their Kerala tour. Some people say that the cow is the form of many of Lords so this place is totally blessed by the God.

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