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Hariknyaka Temple is a famous tourist place in Ariyannur, Kerala. It is situated about 5 kilometers from the Guruvayur Temple. It is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Goddess bhagavathy avatar of Goddess Durga.

People come here for taking, blessing from God for their future life. This temple is worship place or the tourists. It is always decorated and well maintained from inside the temple as well as outside the temple.

The outside part of the temple is created by the tree plantation and grasslands. This is a very good place to spend some valuable time here. Some of the people are also seen relaxing here from the tiredness of journey.

This temple is well known for its hut like structure, remembering the style of Kerala architecture. The wall of the temple of the four sides is placed of the pillars of the wood while the roof is set by the red bricks. It is red and brown in color and like with almost all the tourists.

Visit this place if you really want to watch the design and architecture of the temple. This temple is nearly 21 kilometers from the Thrissur railway station. So, one can easily reach there without any disturbance.

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