Attukal waterfalls in Kerala
Punnathurkotta is the beautiful elephant sanctuary in Guruvayur, Kerala. It is approx 3 Kilometer away from the western gate of the Guruvayur temple. This place offers around 65 elephants that all are offered by the devotees.

In this place all the elephants are used for the temple uses at the time of festivals, events and ceremonies. The elephants are forbidden to work any other place except the temples.

Here the workers of the palace give the training of elephants for performing in the ceremonies and festivals. Some of the elephants here are more aged around 60 years and more. Those elephants are more trained and experienced. The oldest elephant of this place is Ramachandran that is around 82 years old elephant. Here are elephants are sub-divided on the basis of their work like some of the elephants are used in the Lord Ganesha festival while some are served with Lord Krishna.

This subdivision makes the routine for the elephants that is very useful for them by which they get proper rest to work. The tourist love to visit this place because of the different activities of the elephants. Visit this place to know more about the elephants and their performance.

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