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Palayur Church is also named as St. Thomas Syro Malabar Catholic Church is located in Palayur in Guruvayur, district of Thrissur Kerala. This Church is mainly highlighted for its decoration and architectural structure lies on the west coast of India. It is the oldest Church in India and called apostolic Church because of Apostolate of St. Thomas. E is the not only person that advertises about the Church, but they also start conversion of people in Christianity.

This is the beautiful Church of India. If we discuss about the inner beauty of the church, then it is well decorated with the flowers decoration and portraits all around the wall. On the ceiling face of the church there is also so many paintings of the Goddess is decorated. Tables are arranged with fully discipline in two sections. One section is left while another is in the right and the middle line is laying down with carpets for reaching for the cross.

There is a priest that is announcing the different events of the Church. There is many of events are held in a year, the light music is played and sing song by the church people. So, visit this place if you really want to watch the beauty of this place.

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