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Thiruvenkitachalapathy Temple is one of the popular temples of Guruvayur. It is located near a kilometer from the north east of the Guruvayur temple. Guruvayur is the only place in Kerala that have numbers of temple in a shorter place. This temple is also included in Guruvayur temple. It is dedicated to the Lord Balaji.

This temple is full of worship and unique and ancient shrine of the Gururvayur. There are too many tourists come here to watch this temple and its worship. This temple also celebrates many of the Kerala festival within the walls of the temple. You can easily get the all the necessary things near to the temple. The temple is built by the Telugu devotees of the Lord.

You can easily spend here a short part of your Kerala family holiday. Here one can easily feel the peace of mind and the nature and environment also gives you the time to make your journey special.

Visit this place if you are loved to visit the temples and historical place. The temple and the surrounded part of the temple is well maintained and decorated. You can easily rest here by the small accommodation near to the temple. So, give some time of your holiday to temple by which you understand very well about the temples of Kerala.

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