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The ancient Mammiyur Sri Mahadeva Temple is situated at the walk able distance of about 200 meters North West from the famous temple Guruvayur Sri Krishna temple. This is the Hindu temple located in the Guruvayur Kerala and dedicated to the Lord Shiva.

It is said that the Lord Shiva is the real owner of this Guruvayur temple and decided to shift the statue of Vishnu to the present place in the graveyard temple. Therefore, every pilgrim completes his pilgrimage journey at this temple situated at 500 meters of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu temples at Guruvayoor Temple.

There is some more tourist place where you easily spend more time. So, take a Kerala family tour of the worship temples of Guruvayur also with the destination place of Kerala. Here you get a valuable journey that you never forget in your entire life. Also, you get enough time to create a special memory with your family.

Kerala is only the place in India that celebrates lots of festivals in a year. So, you have also chance to visit the decoration and lightning of the temple. Take a tour of the amazing Kerala on this weekend to feel the same experience.

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