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Guruvayur Maraprabhu Statues is popular statues of Kerala. These statues lie in the garden of Sree Valsam guest house complex in Guruvayur in Kerala.

One statue is dedicated to Lord of elephant that is also said that elephant king. This elephant is very powerful in the time of elephants. The name of the elephant is Gajaraja. The statue is erected at the memorial of deceased elephant. Another statue is erected some far from the first statue. This landmark is just near to the Kesavan memorial, it is the giant statue of Maraprabhu.

The statue shows the creative interpretation of Lord Krishna that is in the form of a trunk of Banyan trees. The statue is based on the traditional folklore story. This place is very far from the hustle-bustle areas and it is totally made with greenery.

There is you find the different types of trees in which banyan tree is the most. Due to the well known tourist place, the surroundings of this place are continuously increased as population and popularity for some years. You can easily get the coffee shop and restaurants for rest of sometime. The market is also generated surrounding of the place, then you can easily get shopping of your favorite things or getting foods in Kerala.

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