Attukal waterfalls in Kerala

Krishanpuram Palace (Alappuzha)

Krishanpuram Palace is the specimen of the Kerala style architecture. It shows the original format of the Kerala homes.

It is basically built for protecting the monuments of Kerala styles. Now it is maintained by the archeological department. This is so old building totally made by the wood and sand bricks.

Also, there is so many wall paintings are in Krishanpuram palace. This place is also famous for the large pond within it in which a route is passed out on the other hand that is helping in the time of war to safely escape from the palace.

Now it is declared as a museum that contains the ancient paintings and inscriptions, old time coins, bras and stone sculptures.

This palace also contains some of the information about the history like it has a copy of Bible in Sanskrit and so many things. Vary the old time this palace covers more area, but after many years the place is going to old and then it is destroyed except the king place.

On the other hand, of the palace you can see the variety of flora are preserved that is going to extinct before sometime. This palace is totally natural and historical. When you are in Kerala trip sure to add this Kerala place in your itinerary.

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