Cochin International Airport

Cochin International Airport is in the Cochin situated in Kerala state that provides both of the facility either it domestic or International. There is all the facilities are fulfilled that a person wants from the Airport like passenger facility, accommodation facility, shopping, transportation and medical and many more. In accommodation facility you have given a space for rest if your flight is scheduled to the other time.

Transportation facility gives you the benefit to transport your heavy things to your destination. Shopping is also a good thing where you spend your waiting time with purchasing something that will you like or based on your journey. Somewhere you can found the helping board where a person can provide you information that you want and clear your conclusion if you have. There is no disturbance in the basis of language. They all know about the basic language according to the places. This flightport is basically works on the cleanness and their tradition that will help you to know about the culture and tradition of Kerala.

Top sights for tourist in Cochin International Airport:

Most popular food and drink restaurants in Cochin International Airport:

Chakara RestaurantMulticuisineAlappuzha (Alleppey)
MushroomArabian IndianAlappuzha (Alleppey)
DreamersMulticuisineAlappuzha (Alleppey)
Kream Korner Art CafeMulticuisineAlappuzha (Alleppey)
Harbour RestaurantMulticuisineAlappuzha (Alleppey)
Royale Park HotelIndianAlappuzha (Alleppey)
HalaisIndian ArabianAlappuzha (Alleppey)
Bismi HypermarketSupermarketAlappuzha (Alleppey)
ThaffIndianAlappuzha (Alleppey)

(Source: Food and drink)

Google Map location:

Latitude: 9.492853, Longitude: 76.317726
Cochin International Airport Google Map

Getting Cochin International Airport:

Nearest railway station: Alappuzha
Nearest flightport: Cochin International Airport, about 85 km from Alappuzha town