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Mannarasala Temple (Alappuzha)

Mannarasala Temple is the old and very popular temple of Kerala, located in the Alleppey district. It is the most proven temples of Kerala with lots of historical stories about the installation of the temple and serpent worship.

Many of devotees experienced the miraculous power of the serpent and the presiding deities here. Sometimes the people see the same serpent for a number of days at a single place in the temple premises.

There are so many festivals are celebrated in which anniversary celebration is the most popular festival for the Kerala citizens.

Specially all the festival related to the serpent is included in the main festivals of the temple in which some of are Kavumattam and sarpabali, Pulasarpam Pattu, Pallippana and Gandharva Song, Sarpam Pattu, Deeparadhana, Annual Pooja in Nilavara, Mahashivratri.

Due to the popularity and famous, most of the tourists are there for seeing the originality of the temple. So, there is also availability of the guest house with all the facility of home.

This place is fully enjoyable for the person who loves the old stories and wants to experience the unbelievable things of the nature.

Here you find only vegetarian restaurants near the temple. If you want the non – vegetarian then you have to go out of the boundary of the temple. Experience the paradise in Kerala here with plan a Kerala family tour.

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