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Revi Karunakaran Museum (Alappuzha)

The Revi Karunakaran Museum is the popular museum of the Kerala, located in the district Alappuzha. This place contains lots of antique and oldest things in which some of you have never seen anywhere.

Some of the well known, but fragile things in the museum are crystal ware, ivory works and Tanjore paintings included in this museum.

This museum is so different from the entire museum that makes top rank of it in Kerala, it also attracts the visitors so much. It is so beautiful place with green nature all around them.

The whole building covered by the museum is painted with the white color. This museum has been founded in memory of Revi karunakaran by his wife named Betty Karunakaran.

Visit this place on your Kerala tour if you are the lover of art and old things. You can easily reach there by any of transportation. All the transportation like bus, car, bikes, cabs and trains are near to the museum. Only flight is the option in which you have to change the transportation at least one time.

So visit this place in any of the seasons from Kolkata. It is freely open in all, the day of the year.

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