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Arthunkal Church (Alappuzha)

Arthunkal Church is the most popular church of the Alleppey district of Kerala state. It is the famous pilgrim centre of St. Sebastian in south India. It is the well decorated and beautiful church with lots of paintings and thoughts of the wall.

This church was becoming more beautiful in the time of December and January due the Christmas and New Year celebration.

You are also invited here with your partners, family and friends or group to visit such a beautiful place at the time of festivals.

You can easily come here from all the transportation that is affordable for you. Here you see some more stories related to the Church and its history that make your tour more special.

Visit this place to if you live in the historical things, but this place is different from the historical place. Historical place is the oldest in looking, but the churches are specially victims for the cleanness.

Here you see the lots of lights and cleanness at every place within the church. So many chflights and tables where the people get blessing and walls are now painted during the time of the festival.

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