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Alleppey Backwaters (Alappuzha)

Alleppey backwaters are the one of the most place of Kerala which show you the rivers, lakes, lagoons and different type of flora with lot of enjoy.

Backwater is the water separated from the sea and it does not have more speed of flow. Generally backwater is closed from two places and remaining two places is open in which one ends enters the water while another is escape the water. And the end and bank of the backwater the different types of flora are grown.

Due to the humidity on banks of rivers, the flora remain always green and growing. These places give you the lot of happiness, peace of mind and beautiful surroundings, but it also gives you comfort with no disturbance.

One of the most examples of this place is boathouse in the backwater. Here you see the all the facility like your home but you did not hear any type of disturbance.

You can easily spend your quality time in the backwaters on your family vacation. Some of the people are also coming there to make their honeymoon in Kerala. You are also visiting the water activities and sports here.

Make your Kerala tour from Surat for such a special place that you never forget in your entire life.

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