Attukal waterfalls in Kerala

Karumadikuttan Statue (Alappuzha)

Karumadikuttan statue is a famous temple of Kerala dedicated to the lord Buddha. It is the Buddhist pilgrim centre located in the Alappuzha district.

There is many fascinating legends are associated with this sitting position of Buddha. Now it is protected by the state archeologist department.

The local people of this reason are believed on the strongest healing powers of this statue of Buddha. This place is situated in the Punnamada Lake which is the single site of Buddhist religious. When Buddhism shows his presence in some of the reasons in India then Kerala is also one of them.

This statue has a lot of damaging parts like the left hand of the statue are missing, but they believe in the power of Buddhism.

This place also has many of the nearby visiting places like punnamada lake that is famous for the water activities.

Generally, all the lakes of Kerala are famous for the water sports and activities. But this lake has some special things in which the boat race is most famous sports racing game. The race is started from the Vembanad lake and end by the crossing of many of the lakes and rivers.

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