Introduction to Mullakkal Rajarajeswari Temple

Mullakkal Rajarajeswari Temple is a famous Hindu temple located in the enchanting city of Alappuzha in the southern Indian state of Kerala. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Rajarajeswari, also known as Mullakkal Devi, who is believed to be a powerful and benevolent deity. People from far and wide visit this temple to seek blessings, especially during festivals and special occasions.

Location and Geographical Features

The Mullakkal Rajarajeswari Temple is situated in the heart of Alappuzha, which is commonly known as the “Venice of the East” due to its beautiful backwaters and intricate network of canals. Alappuzha is a coastal town surrounded by water bodies like the Arabian Sea, Punnamada Lake, and Vembanad Lake, making it a scenic and serene location.

History of Mullakkal Rajarajeswari Temple

The history of the Mullakkal Rajarajeswari Temple dates back many centuries. It is believed that the temple was established over 500 years ago, and since then, it has been a place of religious significance and cultural heritage. The temple’s architecture reflects a blend of traditional Kerala style and Dravidian influences, making it a unique sight to behold.


Alappuzha, where the Mullakkal Rajarajeswari Temple is located, is part of the coastal region of Kerala known for its lush greenery, coconut palms, and backwater cruises. The temple is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including the serene waters of the Arabian Sea and the tranquil backwaters, creating a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere for devotees and visitors alike.

How to Reach Mullakkal Rajarajeswari Temple

Reaching the Mullakkal Rajarajeswari Temple is quite easy due to its central location in Alappuzha. Here are some common ways to reach the temple:

  1. By Road: Alappuzha is well-connected by road to major cities and towns in Kerala. Visitors can hire taxis, auto-rickshaws, or use public buses to reach the temple from nearby areas.
  2. By Rail: Alappuzha has a railway station that is connected to major cities like Kochi, Trivandrum, and Ernakulam. From the railway station, one can take a taxi or an auto-rickshaw to reach the temple.
  3. By Air: The nearest airport to Alappuzha is Cochin International Airport, which is located approximately 85 kilometers away. From the airport, visitors can hire taxis or take a bus to reach Alappuzha and then proceed to the Mullakkal Rajarajeswari Temple.

Tourism in Mullakkal Rajarajeswari Temple

The Mullakkal Rajarajeswari Temple is not just a place of worship but also a treasure trove of cultural and historical attractions. Here are some of the top attractions that visitors can explore:

  1. Main Shrine: The main sanctum of the temple houses the idol of Goddess Rajarajeswari, adorned with intricate jewelry and colorful garlands. Devotees offer prayers and seek blessings from the goddess, making it the heart of the temple.
  2. Festivals: The temple celebrates various festivals with great fervor, including the Mullakkal Chirappu Mahotsavam and Navratri. During these festivals, the temple premises come alive with music, dance performances, processions, and traditional rituals, offering a vibrant cultural experience to visitors.
  3. Architecture: The architecture of the temple is a sight to behold, with its distinctive Kerala style and intricate carvings depicting mythological scenes and deities. The gopuram (tower) at the entrance is particularly stunning, showcasing traditional craftsmanship.
  4. Pooja and Rituals: Visitors can witness the daily pooja (ritual) ceremonies conducted by the temple priests, where offerings like flowers, coconut, and incense are made to the deity. The ambiance during these rituals is serene and spiritually uplifting.
  5. Museum: The temple also houses a small museum showcasing artifacts, paintings, and historical relics related to the temple’s heritage and mythology. It provides insights into the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Tourist Activities

Apart from exploring the temple’s attractions, visitors can engage in various activities around Mullakkal Rajarajeswari Temple:

  1. Boat Cruises: Alappuzha is famous for its backwater cruises, offering tourists a chance to explore the tranquil backwaters, coconut groves, and traditional villages on houseboats or country boats.
  2. Cultural Performances: Attend cultural performances such as Kathakali (traditional dance), Mohiniyattam (classical dance), and Theyyam (ritualistic dance) organized in and around Alappuzha, showcasing Kerala’s rich performing arts.
  3. Ayurvedic Treatments: Experience rejuvenating Ayurvedic massages and treatments at nearby Ayurvedic resorts and spas, known for their therapeutic benefits and holistic wellness practices.

Best Time to Visit Mullakkal Rajarajeswari Temple

The best time to visit Mullakkal Rajarajeswari Temple is during the months of October to March when the weather is pleasant, and major festivals like Navratri are celebrated with great fervor. Avoiding the monsoon season (June to September) is advisable due to heavy rainfall.


Visitors can indulge in shopping near Mullakkal Rajarajeswari Temple for souvenirs, traditional handicrafts, and local specialties such as:

  1. Spices: Kerala is known for its aromatic spices like cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, and cloves, which can be bought from local spice shops.
  2. Handicrafts: Explore markets for handmade crafts like coir products, bamboo items, wooden artifacts, and traditional Kathakali masks.
  3. Local Delicacies: Taste and buy authentic Kerala snacks, sweets, and pickles available in local markets and food stalls.

Nearby Destinations

Alappuzha offers several nearby destinations worth exploring:

  1. Alappuzha Beach: Relax and enjoy the sunsets at Alappuzha Beach, known for its golden sands, coconut trees, and beachside activities like swimming and beach volleyball.
  2. Kuttanad Backwaters: Take a backwater cruise to Kuttanad, often called the “Rice Bowl of Kerala,” and witness the scenic beauty of paddy fields, narrow canals, and traditional village life.
  3. Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple: Visit the famous Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple, known for its exquisite architecture, rich history, and delicious offering called “Palpayasam” (sweet rice porridge).